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Blue Moon-Wovenpaintdesigns-etsy

                    JULY 2022  








Well, so far this year, plans have come and gone quickly...

 I've moved!


Another big change...the plan is to move closer to the ocean-which is still in process due to the insane real estate market. So, I'm halfway there...renting a home for the time being. 


At this point, I feel the meaning of life is to navigate our way through our days as best as we can, staying confident that "something" positive will happen.

And-helping each other feel this way, too!

Compassion ...


One constant I can trust in for myself is art and creativity. This has kept me sane throughout the isolation conditions of 2020-2021 and continues to nourish my soul to this day. That's why I love to share my experience/knowledge with others, truly believing that "creativity=joy", this "tagline" explaining why I started Wovenpaint in the first place.


At the moment, I'm still painting, working with digital designs and scanning art papers for the journals that I've been having fun creating.


Many of these are available for digital download through my Etsy shop, WovenpaintDesigns

Please click to visit, thanks!







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