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    Textile Design  


With a background in fine arts as well as textiles, I have an easy time envisioning ideas that are presented to me. I've been trained to design in repeat from original concepts.  


As a hand weaver, I've an excellent understanding of weave structure and fabric construction.  ​I'm also experienced with Jacquard woven design and development through to manufacturing.


As a fiber artist, I've developed as a visionary with the ability to realize successful fruition of concepts using the many textile techniques that I've learned.






What can I help you with?


Fauve brights
Earthen treasures
Color and Trend  

As a color professional working with the fashion industry, I'm familiar with many aspects of color development, including standards, palette development and colorways.


As a dye technician and colorist, I'm familiar with color physics and the use of a spectrophotometer on various substrates, as well as textile testing procedures for color and fabric construction. 


As a visionary, I can build and maintain color collections, organize libraries/archives and create color cards/trend intelligence presentations, using both digital and tactile inspiration/resources.