All Moved in!

After a rainy week of moving in, I'm thoroughly enjoying spending my days in this space. A big thanks goes out to family and friends that helped me to accomplish this move!

It's been very interesting to see how adding furniture and decor brings out the personality of this studio, while watching how my own personality shaped the overall atmosphere that's evolved. I'm very pleased with the results, especially since visitors have also commented on the "good vibe". I'm usually in there weekdays-just look for the open shades/door. Visitors are welcome even on "unofficial" open studio days.

One of the biggest concerns with the studio is a lack of water for me in the summer months (and a bathroom, but we won't discuss that-thank goodness for porta-potties, lol). I knew I didn't want an endless supply of water bottles-but was unsure of what option I did want to go with. So, I took a trip over to Simpson Spring, our local water and soda store in South Easton Chris helped me make the decision to use a ceramic crock, which I've placed on the old sink cover. I'm thrilled! Thank you so much for your help, Chris!

And another bonus was my first sip...I'd forgotten how good it tastes-I recommend you try it for yourself when in the South Easton area. They have all sorts of "vintage" flavor sodas, too. Birch Beer....mmmm!

Saturday, May 7th, was the "official" first open studio and I was pleased to entertain over a dozen visitors. These included a delightful group of young fairy home decorators who braved the rain, made houses in the woods - and then joined me for my first "Fly By" workshop -"Little Fiber Fairies". We pulled out my yarns and "stuff" to create outfits for the fairies-what great fun! In fact, the "Fly By" was more of a "sit down" as they worked on the fairies for more than an hour! Great job, girls!

I'll be hosting another "Little Fiber Fairies & Superheroes" workshop in June and August. I look forward to seeing you...

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