Adjusting to "Studio Time"

Well, it's been quite a week! I've been greeting visitors, chasing the geese around and finding inspiration (i.e. Nature's "eye candy") everywhere around here as everything unfurls, blossoms and blooms. Each day is truly a new one. I've really enjoyed talking with the people who have stopped by to share some time and stories with me, thanks to all of you! And keep on coming...

I'm feeling very mindful of the "unplugging" I'm doing letting go of the stress of having to work, to get a job, etc, behind - for now. After spending the past year or so looking for gainful employment, I have found a part time job working nights that minimally pays a few bills and allows me to eat-but won't sustain me over time. However, I feel that I can let all that stuff work itself out over time and "just make art" in whatever form it evolves into here. (I think I may understand more about faith from my neighbors here.)

It's very difficult on gorgeous days to stay inside so I'm grateful for these nice big doors to throw open and let the outside in...sometimes literally as a few birds have flown in and I now have a chipmunk buddy who comes in to visit each afternoon.

On Wednesday, I finally brought in my "real" camera to take some photos of the goslings that have been hanging around the little pond out back. Well, that day they had disappeared! I spent the whole day walking around every time I heard any of the local geese honk. Of course, I DID see some Bluebirds, Baltimore Orioles, Purple Martins, Swifts, Red-winged Blackbirds, Robins, Goldfinches, Bluejays et al, so it wasn't a total loss. I just wasn't fast enough to get photos of them-well, except for the Red-Tailed Hawk that flew circles over my head.

Well, the goose family finally returned today so I finally got some nice photos of them, look!...the babies grow so fast...

Somehow, I did manage to get a new warp wound out in the garden this week-and have started threading the small loom for a community banner. You're invited to stop in, weave a couple of inches on the loom, then add in a ribbon with your name on it. My goal is to have a 15' plus banner with name fringe to hang on the garden wall for the Legacy Art/Music/Food/Fun Festival on June 26th.

Until next time... Mitakuye Oyasin

(This is a Lakota prayer meaning "All my relations...we are all related")

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