The trees...glorious BIG trees

Young and Mature Trees together

Last week, the grass was mown for the first time, the lilacs were in full bloom, the flowering trees were blooming, too - bark mulch was spread around the base of trees. Then, one night it rained. I arrived the next morning to experience the intense, heady smell of SPRING as the rich undertones of damp earth was added to the mix. I felt overcome with emotion by the fragrances that smelled so good...and that invoked so many life memories as well.

Each day I arrive to a changed vista. One day a tree has bare branches and the next day, it's fully leafed out. Little daily miracles... The trees here, I can't say enough about the trees here. I'm surrounded by mature trees, many well over 100 years old, with a wide variety of species represented. Trees offer up a calming presence as I walk the paths amongst them. I feel that we share a communion. They are as aware of me, as I am of them. Too often, humans blithely remove trees just for convenience sake. It's a shame that trees such as these here are comparative rarities in our lives, both variety and the size.

It's also interesting to note that many new saplings have been added to the landscape. Some trees had to be removed earlier this year due to damage or disease. So, the Trustees have been carefully planting new ones to carry on. It seems there's a new one every time I go for a walk around. What do the older trees think of them, I wonder, as this probably hasn't happened for a long time. I'm thinking that they're feeling very joyful about this new generation of trees.

Studio-wise, I've gotten the community banner, aka "Collaborative Weaving", project up and running on my little loom. You're invited to come over and add your "voice" to the fabric. I'll show you how! The finished banner will be hanging on the garden wall for all to see on our festival day at the end of June.

Currently, I'm working on an indigo wrap project - and thinking about bigger projects to come.

(Some unsolicited advice, go for a walk in this glorious Spring and enjoy!)

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