What a Difference a Month can Make!!

I've been here just about a month now and everything is so different. Spring is totally in full bloom, the goslings are growing like mad, the lawns are luxurious...and, for me, it's been such a gift to be able to watch all of this unfold on a daily basis! I have a difficult time focusing on any one thing because there's just sooo much to see and do. Everything changes dramatically on a daily basis. One day, buds...the next day, blooms. And-I've been busy!

As you know, I like to take a daily "walkaround" to see what's going on around the park. By doing so, I've become fond of some of the sights and beings here. I love to work "gardenside". I love communing every day with the huge European Beech tree in back of the stable. I love to walk through the avenue of beeches. I love to go look at the sculptural qualities of the trees (especially totem tree), interesting barks and tree textures. I love to ponder the murky depths of the frog pond. I love the exotic huge leaves and the wonderful lemony smell of the bog rhubarb.I love to find unexpected flowers, like the Lady Slippers (which I realize are being eaten either by the geese or the deer-look quick or it's gone) and the hidden azalea bushes. I love to sit with the pines on the chunks of granite. I love the variety of birds that fly around-sometimes right through the studio! I love my visits from the little chipmunk, who now likes to explore the looms, lol. I love talking with visitors...the list goes on and on with this special place!

Altered Dogwoods

And-yes, I've made some progress in the studio with my looms. There's a workshop coming up on June 11th, 11:30-1:30 PM, making your own table loom ... out of a shoebox. You can make little wall accent tapestries for you, your family and friends-cost effective! I'm ready to start weaving on my big loom and the collaborative community warp is up and ready to be woven on. I've had a few takers so far, but no real inches of fabric growing yet. Maybe we'll get it done on the day of the festival with so many hands to help - and it will be hung afterwards for you to come and see over the rest of the summer...

I've also made my first fiber art piece here that "kinda just happened" from the idea of making a little boat. It turned into a woman on a boat...titled "Is She Seaworthy?" I've also had some time to play with photo manipulation to create textile designs. In addition to all this, I'm working on a bigger plan for more fiber art here at the park, but that's for next time.

This is way more than enough for now, enjoy your days!

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