Thoughts on RE-Awakening Creativity

As I come to the studio each day, I'm finding that creativity is coming to me in an ever expanding way. However, as much as this place inspires and nurtures me, I'm understanding that this feeling comes from within myself. I'm opening to it again!

After such a long time of trying to find a job, trying to find a way to make money so I can continue to live somewhat comfortably, trying to feel like a productive person-all the while feeling like I keep hitting that proverbial wall. This newfound creative energy is so life affirming and up lifting. I'd been "dulled" down to the point of feeling emotionless. Just getting through the days...and now I'm the one re-connecting!

People who are familiar with me, know that re-connecting to creativity is one of my life passions... I love to help people understand how creative they really are. It doesn't matter if you're a world class artist-or plan to be. I believe that reconnecting to your creative self is so beneficial for a sense of well-being, where ever your life's journey takes you. I love to share the joy of this feeling. As a third generation artist, it's been a feeling that I had taken for granted over my life, I very much remember feeling so dismayed when I first realized that others didn't feel this way!

I meet so many adults that seem to have just surrendered to losing or stifling their creative self. It's as if they now believe the message: "being creative is lazy, it's frivolous, it's only for kids, stop daydreaming, I don't have any talent, I need to have a career, I need to pass this test, I need to make money, I need to be responsible, etc." When I tell people that I'm an artist, I invariably get a very wistful response of how fortunate I am, that they used to be/feel creative but now it's too late-or worse, they feel that they weren't good enough to follow a creative path.

We all start life as "creatives" and indeed, are encouraged to be creative in early childhood, with a wealth of opportunities provided to explore this. But, in today's society, it seems that just as soon as a child really begins to understand and embrace this creative power, unless that child is very lucky, it's snuffed out as completely as possible to prepare for a "productive adulthood", so to speak.

"Not fair", our child self says!

Well, I'm here to say that it's never too late and yes, you are all good enough to be a creative person (artist), whether it's cooking, dancing, painting, pottery, poetry, writing, environmental, interior, decorating, designing, building, knitting, weaving, singing, music....are you getting my point?

I have to add though, that I do see a societal change that's beginning to move away from this way of thinking (Thanks, Millennials!-my children's generation, btw). Collectively, people are increasingly described as creatives and makers-in a complimentary way. Better yet, this description is used more and more in the workplace and for hiring a new generation of "productive workers". I believe that this change will result in happier people as well. Happy people=happy families=happy children, and on and on.

So, all you need to do is start. And keep going. All the time-meaning every day, even if it's only for a few minutes. Just say yes. As Gandhi says, be the change.

This week's gallery contains a collection of images that I've created over the last a maker! (By the way, I do give classes on re-connecting with your creativity-contact me for the info)

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