Need to Catch Up!

So, I'm back on-line again. Here's my story...

I thought I'd be frugal and disconnect my home internet/cable/phone package. It seemed to be a good idea since I have internet via my iPad and phone and was at the studio most days. I felt especially proud of myself for finally cutting the stupid TV/cable cord. I'm so amazed that our biggest expenses each month are the cable and phones-often eclipsing the costs of our basic needs like electricity and heat/cooling. Is it really that important to us...really?

Well, I soon discovered that my frugality did come with a cost. By disconnecting my internet, but not knowing enough to remember to turn off my data usage when not using it, I was on data usage via my iPad and phone all the time. Yikes! The devices work in tandem by using wireless when in range.

I also realized that my Adobe Creative Cloud needed internet access, my website couldn't be updated via an app on a mobile device and I realized that I really couldn't stream Netflix onto my iPad economically. I was discovering more "costs" daily, to my dismay and frustration.

So, less than 2 weeks later, I called my provider, to please help me find an economical (budget of $50) plan for internet only, the other things have no value for me. This would be my 4th time trying...and, after 45 minutes of haggling-I was offered a plan for $49.99/month, no extra fees or rental costs. (It's in writing, I hope I can trust them.)

Unbeknownst to me, I called on the day that the CEOs of big cable companies were called on the carpet in Washington, DC to explain why, when offering products to consumers, they won't give out the lower prices, instead pushing people to buy more than they need. I guess I lucked out!

I'm now better educated now. I feel that's it's time for the internet to become a bonafide utility providing universal availability for all Americans with a more reasonable pricing structure for all levels of income. It's a necessity at this point. Open it up-make the USA one big "hotspot"'s there anyway.

So, until next post, (which I've been working on in my head for a week now, lol) I've included some random photos from around the estate. This watercolor is of my O "open" sign...if you see it by the tree out front, I'm in the building!

I better get over there...11-2 PM on Saturdays, I have 15 minutes...

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