Studio Redeux* Nice to see you!

Spring Cleaning!

I was very happy to hear that I've been invited back by the Trustees as artist in residence for another season at the Governor Ames Estate here in North Easton, MA! I really love spending time in the little garden studio where I can explore and share my creativity, observe nature-and be visited by the many interesting people who pass through the door.

Last year, I got to experience the subtle changes of trees, flowers and resident animals over the year through my "morning eyes" and it was so enlightening and awesome (using the traditional meaning). This year, I'll be experiencing this fabulous environment through my "afternoon eyes".

So, I'm packing, moving and setting up during these next 2 weeks with opening day being...


The focus this year is on COLOR!!

I'll be working with color and weave, multi-layer fabrics, etc. And-I'm setting up various weaving "contraptions" for you to try weaving using cards, embroidery hoops, table looms, etc. as well as take a turn on the floor looms. 2017 is a "hands on" experience.

By the way, it's easy to stay in touch for news of Wovenpaint happenings. Please visit and "like" Wovenpaint Facebook page. You can also follow me on Instagram. I plan to be at the estate as much as possible after 3:30 PM weekdays-so...

Look for this "open" sign... or...

Here are the "official" open studio hours:

Wednesdays 4PM - Twilight

Saturdays 11 AM -2 PM

I'm looking forward to seeing you!


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