Back to the Garden

Today was my official first "Open Studio" for the season...all set up (pretty much)! But-what a rainy day-everything was damp as I cleaned and arranged. Nothing is up on the walls yet due to dampness... except my big (award -winning :^) tapestry that finally gets to unfurl and be seen again.

Since only a couple of visitors braved the deluge, I was able to just putter around without worrying about not being quite ready. A great start to a zen summer!

Above photo was taken the other day (rainy all week here) of the HUGE beech in back of the stable, with it's new leaves. Here's a closer look from underneath.

Beautiful lilac time! I haven't seen this color before, they're almost coral/peach...and they smell great!

More photos of the studio this you can see, my theme is colorful color.

Come by and stop in for a visit!

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