The Spring That (kinda) Was...

Well, things have gotten off to a slow start this spring, with the cold weather, dark days, heatwave, then rain, rain, rain. Not only that, but it's my understanding that The Trustees aren't planning any "inspired" events here this season ( that I know of-If this changes, I'll post about it).

What this means for me is that I won't be holding any public workshops myself either. Another missing ingredient is the availability of "facilities". Luckily, I live nearby so can work around "nature calls", but for others it could be an issue. Soooo, it's a "zen" season for me-one day at a time. I'm so inspired by my environment that there's lots to keep my creative flowing freely and I love spending time here.

Oh-before I forget, there is ONE exciting event coming up shortly that IS very inspiring, as well as lots of fun! The Legacy Art-Music-Food-Fun Festival on Sunday, June 26,2017-mark your calendar! And- I'll be weaving in the garden, so come give it a try.

The Legacy Art-Music-Food-Fun Festival 2017

giant beech inspiration

As for me, I've gotten the big loom back in action creating a tapestry piece inspired by the giant beech trees on the property. Here's a short pictorial of my progress so far from inspiration photo through weave/weft yarn experimentation. Now, I'm weaving this pattern for 4 feet. Then comes step 2...

warped loom

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