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I'm an artist with strong passion for color, pattern & texture. My work is intuitively inspired and deeply influenced by our natural world. You'll also notice a strong streak of whimsy and love of fantasy! 

As a fiber artist, I love using yarns & fibers  as "paint", sometimes side by side with more traditional painting techniques to achieve my vision.

As an educator/mentor, I love to share this joy of creativity by supporting others as they realize their own creativity.

            Creativity = Joy!


Gwyn S Marathas 

Gwyn, a third generation artist trained in fine arts, developed a passion for color, pattern & texture that resulted in a fulfilling career in the textile industry.


In recent years, she's found herself delving back into painting, printmaking & paper art, too.


She also loves sharing her knowledge with others as a mentor, providing students of all ages inspiration to explore their own creativity.


Gwyn holds a BFA in Textile 

Design/Fiber Arts from the University of MA-Dartmouth. 



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